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Frequently Asked Renter Questions -

Q: What is and who manages the homes? 
A: is a freely accessible website resource for renters looking to find exceptionally fine homes in the Sacramento, Placer and Elk Grove areas. advertise property for many carefully pre screened landlords and property management companies who subscribe to all applicable local, state and federal Fair Housing laws and offers a superior property with a professional management policy in place. Landlords that wish to advertise on must follow all Local, State and Federal codes of Professional Conduct and adhere to a Fair Standards of Practice Policy. This is your assurance that rentals advertised on are of the highest quality available. 

Q: When is the best time to reach 
A: Seven days a week in the early morning from 8-10am. & M-F between noon and 6pm.

Q: I saw a rental that I want to see but I can't find a number to call? 
A: Sacrentals has thousands of rental ads which are in an inactive status. Google may be showing you a rental that has already been rented. It may in fact come available tomorrow. But at this moment only the homes on the ACTIVELY AVAILABLE list with a red arrow next to a phone number are currently available for rent today.

Q:Where is your Actively Available list of rentals? 
A: Click this link -> Studios 1 & 2 Bedroom Rentals or Click this link -> 3 to 6 Bedroom Rentals . Actively Available Rentals are displayed at the top of the page. As you get closer to the bottom you start to see the RECENTLY RENTED homes. Recently Rented listings remain visible as an example of what you may expect in the future if you happen to be looking for something next year or as a price comparison and demand guide for what is on the ACTIVELY AVAILABLE pages today. As not every place is for everyone, take a look and compare for yourself. If you like what you see call on it now as it may become rented by the end of the day.

Q: How do I check the status of a rental on the site? To check the status of a particular property, look for the red arrow and call the phone number below the photo listed with that particular home. On the top line you will see an availability date on the ad. If you call on a home and the contact person has rented the property and its status has not been updated on the site, please call at 916-454-6000 with that information. It will help to ensure that our site remains up to date.

Q: I saw another web page ad featuring a home that I want to rent. How do I see that rental? 
A: Our inventory of property ads is comprised of two types of property. New to our site ads and re posted inventory that was photographed in the past and essentially remains the same and is when it becomes available for rent. Properties that we are told that will become vacant usually get posted 15 to 45 days prior to the current tenant moving out. Both situations are updated and re posted on a daily basis. The moment that we are told that a property will become available, it is re posted on the Active listing pages here -> Studios 1 & 2 Bedroom Rentals or here -> 3 to 6 Bedroom Rentals.

Q: I'm looking for a special rental that's not on your website. Do you maintain a special list of rentals? 
A: We have many special rentals but those go on the list the moment they come available. Our Active list features new to our site and re posted inventory that is updated on a daily basis. If you don't see what you are looking for join our Twitter list and will send you a web link to your cell phone that will allow you to take a tour of our newest rentals the moment they becomes available. This is an awesome service that is free, no obligation service of and easy to use. Please see the next question for more details.

Q: What is the Get Rental Updates Via Follow sacrentals on Twitter all about?
A: If you have a text capable smart phone you can type a simple command into the text window of your phone that will allow your smart phone to automatically receive instant and concise rental updates and price changes texted to your cell with a clickable link that will take your cell phone's browser to the specific ACTIVE RENTAL page where the new rentals will be displayed. To set this up open a new sms text window on your cell phone then key in "40404" in the send to window and then key in "follow sacrentals" in the message window. Press send and you will receive a text reply. Follow the directions that we text back to you and you will automatically be registered for future updates. You can opt out of the rental updates at anytime by messaging "stop sacrentals" and sending that to 40404. It's just that simple. This is not junk mail or spam. It's a short tweet sent only when we have something of interest for you to consider. About two or three times per week. Rather than miss out on a great rental, sign on today and let your phone do all the work for you. How cool is that.

Q: What happens if I click on the Follow sacrentals on Twitter button?
A: It will take you to our Twitter Home Page where you can see what Tweet messages we send out and how many people are following rental updates. It will also give you more information about the Twitter service. How cool is that.

Q: Do I need to be a Follow sacrentals on Twitter subscriber to receive rental updates?
A: No. All you need is a smart phone capable of surfing the web. To set this up open a new sms text window on your cell phone then key in "40404" in the send to window and then key in "follow sacrentals" in the message window. Press send and you will receive a text reply in about ten seconds. Follow the directions that we text back to you and you will automatically be registered for future updates. How cool is that.

Q: When are the listed houses available for occupancy? 
A: The availability date is shown next to the price. As some homes are occupied by a vacating tenant, an earlier occupancy date may be available. Contact the showing agent for specific details. Many of our homes are occupied and we usually re post them 30 to 45 days before the current tenant moves out. The high demand for properties in the East Sacramento/McKinley, Land Park, Midtown and Natomas areas usually means that most our re posted properties get spoken for before the current tenant moves out. With this in mind previewing an occupied home may require a bit more imagination to see through the chaos of an occupant in transition. Rest assured that this is common and the property will be delivered in move-in ready condition at the time your lease starts. If you have questions about this, please feel free to bring your concerns up at the time of your showing.

Q: I am on your site now and would like to rent a property. What do I do next? 
A: If you are in the area or plan to visit shortly, call (or text if noted) the number under the property picture and arrange for a showing. It is  recommended that you download an application and present it to the agent or property showing contact if you are satisfied with the home at the time of showing and are willing to have your credit history reviewed.

Q: Are pets accepted in rental properties? 

A: Pets are difficult to place in rentals and are only accepted on a case-by-case basis. Sadly only a few, select properties have provisions to accept family pets of a particular type and breed from a highly responsible pet owner with an exemplary and verifiable pet history willing to pay a substantial, supplemental pet deposit to ensure the property is returned in the same condition that it was rented. These homes will have a notation included within the description. Bringing a pet into a property without proper documentation and notation on the lease is strictly prohibited and unfair to your pet. If you are interested in accommodations for your pet it is advisable to compile the following information and make it available to the showing agent or management company in a business like manner prior to negotiating a lease. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of your pet along with a photo. Be prepared to provide any and all references including phone numbers and contacts from veterinary, boarding, and or training programs or schools that you and your pet have attended. Be prepared to provide a copy of your pets local license along with a certificate of spaying/neutering/flee control and vaccination certificates. Most insurance industry policies have automatic exclusions which prohibit landlords from renting to pet owners with certain breads of dogs known to have aggressive temperaments.

Q: What is your Pet Policy? 
A: Believe me when I say we are pet lovers and many of us live with dogs and cats in our own homes. However most landlords and or their representatives are very hesitant to accept pets. Here is a practical approach to placing a pet in a rental property that may not have an openly stated policy. First be ready and willing to accept all responsibility for any pet related damages that may occur to a rental property, no mater how small . Your pet is your responsibility. Have a pet introduction document ready to share with the contact/agent that will be showing you the property. Be up front about your pet situation and have either a word document, website, face book page, or fax able document ready to hand over to the rental contact person that introduces your pet and has all of your relevant contact information including vet, trainer, board and care facility, groomer, and existing liability pet insurance or other financial guarantees that will indemnify the landlord from damages including unanticipated behavioral actions. Additionally have a recent picture or your pet or pets and all relevant information such as their age, weight, breed, gender, number of years with your family, behavioral disposition along with past landlord or other reference information including a certificate of good behavior or additional training that you may have completed with your pet. Most property owners tend to be risk adverse and this approach can only help to build your case as a responsible pet owner.

Q: Why are rents in East Sacramento, McKinley Park and Land Park higher than those in other areas? 

A: In brief, high demand and lack of supply. In many instances, remodeling costs on many of these homes can exceed $100,000.

Q: Do you provide a gardener? 
A: Gardening service service is a contract negotiated service and appears on the lease agreement as an additional intemized charge. The fee usually range from $40 to $95 a month per property depending on size and the level of services rendered. Individual landlords may adjust the fees and amend this policy at their discretion. Gardeners do not water nor care for flower beds. They cut and edge the grass, blow the yard and go.

Q: Do you provide a Pool / Spa Cleaning Service? 
A: Pool/spa cleaning service is a contract negotiated service and appears on the lease agreement as an additional intemized charge. Prices are borne by the Lessee and they usually start around $75 a month per property depending on the size and the level of services rendered. Individual landlords may adjust the fees and amend this policy at their discretion. 

Q: Who pays the city utilities? 
A: In most all cases the tenant pays all city utilities along with their rent. The management or owner than forwards this money to the City or County on a monthly basis. This is done to ensure no interruption in the services provided by the City or County. Individual landlords may adjust this policy on a case by case basis. The fee usually covers pickup of 3 - 90 gal. cans; garbage, recycling and leaf clippings; sewer connection, water either metered or fixed rate unlimited, seasonal street side yard debris removal and by prior arrangement and or availability from the City/County, a yearly curb side junk haul away. Fees differ for property based on location, size and local rate surcharges and meter reading. Rates for community managed complexes are determined by specific landlord/property management policy. Each owner/manager reserves the right to adjust these utility fees accordingly and or bill back for metered overages. Certain managed properties may include these fees in the monthly rental charge.

Q: What options do I have for Broadband Internet, TV and Phone services? 
A: The major providers in the Sacramento area are Comcast, Surewest and AT&T dsl U-Verse, Direct TV and Clear Wire. Many landlords and HOAs do not permit the installation of Direct TV dishes on roofs. However some will allow a weighted tripod option in the backyard.

Q: I noticed that a property was being offered with a furnished option. What is this all about? 

A: Certain properties may be available as partially or fully furnished properties. As a result an additional fee may be added to the lease as an itemized charge. Some properties are only offered as partially or fully furnished and any additional charge will be negotiated prior to a lease signing. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to the furnishings in the course of a tenancy, this may result in a partial or full forfeiture of a security deposit. Additional security deposits may be involved and upon request a supplementary household inventory agreement should be provided with replacement/repair estimates. Renter's insurance policies may be available from third party insurers to help mitigate these losses. Please ask for a referral to connect you with an enrolled agent who can provide information about affordable, customized renter's insurance policies. Landlords do not provide replacement coverage for a tenant's personal property or indemnity from their actions on, in or near any rented property.

Q: Do you provide refrigerators, washers & dryers?
A: There are four situations and each property has its own policy. 1) The appliance may be provided as an "Available Appliance" with the understanding that the appliance is being offered to you as a "Free to use appliance" with no warranty as to its future serviceability. If it fails on your watch it is up to you to obtain and properly install a suitable replacement. 2) The appliance may be available for sale from the previous tenant in which case the landlord will help to negotiate a purchase on your behalf. This arrangement is strictly between you and the former tenant. 3) The appliance may be part of the rental lease and its serviceability will be covered by the landlord. Please note that any damage may be taken out of your security deposit. 4) The appliances are not included and it is up to you to bring your own. Please be advised that any water damage done by an incorrectly connected or leaking appliance owned or maintained by the tenant may subject the subject the security deposit to a damage charge. Yet another good reason to have renter's insurance.

Q: Who are the local utility providers?
A: Gas is provided by PG&E. Electricity is provided by SMUD. These cost are borne by the renter and require the previous tenant to release the services into the new tenant's name. These providers will require a credit check and or a deposit before establishing service in your name.

Q: I'm in the area looking at property now? How do I get in to view a home?

A: Some homes advertised as Available Now can be shown right away. Everything else requires 24 hours notice before a showing. Please contact the owner/agent at the phone number listed under the photo. For security purposes all showings must be arranged through the individual landlord/agent.

Q: How do I get an application? 

A: Each property has an application link next to the showing contact phone number. As certain managers may require a specific company application, please be sure to download the correct application and bring it along with all your information to the showing. If you are not completely satisfied with the property then you are not obligated to provide the showing person with your application. As getting access to a rental for a preview often times requires negotiating access to a property and involves tenant privacy and security procedures, the scheduling/showing contact person for each property reserve the right to postpone showings until an applicant agrees to produce evidence of the intent to furnish an application. Rental applications are available in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. If you do not have access to a printer please call the owner/agent prior to your showing to make alternative arrangements. Each adult must complete and sign a separate application and pay a credit check fee of $30.00/ea. As a matter of policy, tenant provided credit reports will not be accepted for consideration.

Q: How do I fill out the rental application and submit it? 

A: Download the form next to the property contact line, complete and sign the credit check authorization release at the bottom and present the application and $30 fee to the showing person upon initial acceptance of the rental unit. The application and credit check will not be run unless the application fee is paid in advance or at the time of the showing. If you are in Sacramento now and would like to apply in advance for any future rental properties, call 916-454-6000 to get instructions on how to stop by our office with your completed application and fee. We can hold your application on file for consideration of any future properties. If you are not local, your rental application and credit check fee can be mailed to at P.O. Box 19100, Sacramento, CA 95819. To ensure prompt consideration it is advisable to use a UP Postal Express mail option. Please call 916-454-6000 to advise that you are sending an application and credit check fee via mail. As a convenience to sacrentals participating landlords, arrangements can be made to accept your application with prior approval at our secure fax server at 916-454-1200. This is not a voice line and will not be answered. It is only a fax line. Please remember to sign the authorization to run credit and acceptance of terms clause.

Q: What is the lease period? 
A: Leases usually run from year-to-year. Shorter periods may be available with an expiration date that falls within the months of May, June, July, August or September when a lease is signed out of season. Individual landlords and management companies reserve the right to amend this policy on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: Do all the landlords have the same rental policies as stated in this FAQ?

A: Individual landlords and participating property management companies are free to set their own policies within the guidelines of the State and Federal Fair Housing Laws. All landlords and property managers advertising on are advised to seek legal counsel on all matters pertaining to the law and to become familiar with all applicable local, state and federal fair housing practices. Failure to adhere to those laws or failure to manage properties in a professional manner acceptable to any and all applicable regulations, codes or laws will result in a rejection of any future advertisement requests.

If you have further questions, please call our office at 916-454-6000 or contact us via e-mail "sacrentals AT yahoo DOT com"
The address is intentionally obscured to avoid spamming.

Prices, availability, terms and features are subject to change or modification without notice. This does not constitute an offer to rent or lease. advertises housing accommodations to all parties without regard to color, race, religion,sex, marital status, sexual orientation, physical handicaps or national origin. Independent landlords using to advertise their properties set their own rental policies and terms. Independent landlords using to advertise their rentals agree to offer accommodations in full compliance of all state and federal anti-discrimination laws and are further advised to seek independent legal counsel in all legal maters pertaining to the rental of said property. its agents or representatives are not responsible for the actions of any independent landlords or agents advertising rental property on this web service and advises all tenants to seek their own independent legal counsel prior to entering into any legal agreement. 

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